Monday, February 20, 2017

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Cincinnati Oblate Chapter Minutes October 23, 2016

Attendance: Clyde Dorn, Pat Dorn, Rosemary Conrad, Joan Hilton, Ron DeMarco, John Campbell, Payton Reed, Mary Louise Reed, Margaret Sherlock, Kathy Gloeckner, Barbara Hanlon, Linda McCarroll, and Nick McCarroll. 

Introductions and reading of the Mission Statement opened our meeting. Second Sunday Vespers of Week Two was prayed together. Lectio Divina was shared together using Luke 18:9-14.

The Minutes of September, 2016 were approved. 

Nick McCarroll reported our balance before today’s collection is $-12.55. 

New/Old Business: Fr. Meinrad sent a letter to all chapter coordinators that he is stepping down at the end of the MCC (meeting of chapter coordinators) to be held in mid-June 2017. An Executive Oblate Director will replace him to be chosen from the oblate members, and an Oblate Director will be chosen from the monastery members to assist with spiritual responsibilities. A second issue was a reminder about finances that we need to decide how to have a more steady balance in our treasury. The suggestion was to collect $5.00 from each member at each chapter meeting. That amount of revenue would cover the expenses that we incur each month. Pat mentioned that she put together a list of names and addresses for the mailing of Christmas cards. 

Our video presentation was by Fr. Harry Hagan, OSB, “The Catholic Ways of Interpretation,” Conference #3. Fr. Harry said that the Vatican Council II declared that the elements of our Catholic faith are scripture, which is human words communicating the Word of God, and tradition, which are the practices of our Catholic faith handed down generation by generation that keep alive this life we live in Christ. The Catholic Church supports that there is no conflict between science and theology. More specifically that there is no opposition of the theory of evolution and our doctrine of faith. Fundamentalists may be against the theory of evolution. The New Testament is about the life of Christ and the Old Testament adds to who Jesus is. 

Submitted by Ron DeMarco

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