Saturday, October 14, 2017

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Cincinnati Oblate Chapter Minutes
April 23, 2017

Beverly Winner, Peyton and Mary Louise Reed, Linda Faulhaber, Kathy Gloeckner, Chris and Lori Wallhaussen, John Campbell, Nick and Linda McCarroll, Clyde and Pat Dorn, Fr. Luke Waugh, OSB, Susan Anderson.

Introductions and reading of the Mission Statement opened our meeting.  Second Sunday Vespers of Week Two was prayed together.  Lectio Divina was shared together using John 20:19-31.  Minutes of  the March meeting were not available and will be included with the Sept. agenda.  Nick reported that our treasury balance as of today is $86.00.

New/Old Business: 
The Cincinnati chapter will host the Ohio Day of Recollection on May 20.  Linda McCarroll  has the list for signup for items to bring for May 20 refreshments.  Nick gave the check total to Fr. Meinrad from our chapter gift to him for his service as Oblate director.

Presentation by Fr. Luke Waugh, OSB:  Humility, a Benedictine Spirituality

The Rule Prologue reads to listen carefully with the ear of the heart to be vulnerable to being permeated with Christ.  Chapter 7 reads to give your will up to God so that God’s will be done in us. We need to empty self of our own notions so God can permeate our being to become who we really are.

Fr. Luke told the journey of recently deceased Fr. Rupert who died at 95 and was confessor to many monks.  Fr. Rupert had a mind for details and accepted the Abbot’s direction to be monastery treasurer and Abbey Press manager for many years.  He helped the Abbey through rough financial times and he loved the Office.  In choir, he opened himself up to: Lord, here I am.  I’ve come to do your will.

How can we as Oblate Christians be obedient to the voice of God?  Chapter 7 last paragraph reminds us that perfect love casts out fear.  Our Pope Francis accepted humility of political tensions and understanding of different personalities in Argentina.  We need to empty self  to Christ because Christ became full to reconcile us in sacrifice.  We listen to see the current of God in each life as mirror images of Christ for us and to see the glory of obedience to God’s will.

Submitted by Susan Anderson

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