Monday, October 17, 2016

February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Cincinnati Oblate Chapter Minutes February 28, 2016

Attendance: Susan Anderson, Rosemary Conrad, Br. Andre DeDecker, OSB, Sherry Huddle, Kathy Gloecker, Nick McCarroll, Clyde Dorn, Pat Dorn, Joan Hilton, Scott Alt, Beverly Winner, Chris Sorensen, Mainerd Sorenson, Margaret Sherlock, Ron Little, Peyton Reed, Mary Louise Reed, Kathleen McGonegle.

Introductions and reading of the Mission Statement opened our meeting.
Second Sunday Vespers of Week Three was prayed together.
Lectio Divina was shared together using Luke 13: 1-9.

The Minutes of Jan. 24 were approved. Nick McCarroll said we have $45.00 and need $35.00 more for monk travel today.

New/Old Business: March 20 meeting is cancelled because of St. Meinrad retreat that weekend. May 21 is Oblate Day of Reflection. Rosemary says John Campbell is ill and asks for prayers. Pat asks for prayers for Steve Bay who is ill. Nick asks for prayers for Linda who is ill. Chris Alt asks for prayers for his mother Sandy who has a cancer recurrence. Rosemary asks for prayers for family health concerns especially for her daughter Susan.

Guest Speaker: Br. Andre DeDecker, OSB: The Holy Year of Mercy and the Benedictine Oblate Vocation Br. Andre connected today’s Mass readings of calls to repent and be saved to our gift of faith and the need to repent and get back up to answer God’s call and cultivate faith. Pope Francis teaches us that the Name of God is Mercy and not perfection. The way we live faith is different for each of us. In USA and world today there are “many pleasures but few loves.” Our vocation as Benedictine Oblates in the mystery of mercy is to be a “wellspring of serenity and peace.” Br. Andre related his vocation journey from being a long distance truck driver where he felt “trapped in his own life” to accepting the vision to be a Brother where he has a “sense of fulfillment in living like Jesus is calling me to be.” Br. Andre says the Oblates are an inspiration to the monks. He said he uses the daily examen of conscience with Compline to keep him feel joined to the Monastery as he currently is completing a four day a week culinary arts program in Louisville. He prays individually the four volume Liturgy of the Hours when is he away from St. Meinrad. As he says, the Word of God is living and effective for each of us.

Submitted by Susan Anderson

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