Tuesday, March 19, 2019

February 2019 Minutes

Cincinnati Oblates’ Meeting February 24, 2019

Attendance Peyton & Mary Louise Reed, Nick McCarroll, Ron DeMarco, Mark Millaron, Kathy Gloeckner, Clyde & Pat Dorn, Fr. Joseph Cox,OSB

Opening Prayer – Fr. Joseph Introductions Reading of Mission Statement Vespers, Week 3 Lectio Divina Lk 6:27-38 Related portion of the Rule of St. Benedict, RB 4:8-9, 31-32, & end portion

Minutes – Approved

Treasurer’s Report - $622 in our treasury. A few small bills and a donation to Fr. Joseph are due. The amount in the treasury seems high because we acquired some extra money from various circumstances. The funds are now available for helping those who are involved in required visits to St. Meinrad, for example for Investitures or Oblations.

Old Business
The 2020 Day of Recollection, which our chapter will sponsor, has a confirmed date of May 16, 2020 The March 24, 2019 meeting program will be finishing the last five questions sent to us earlier by Br. Francis about The Screwtape Letters in order to be prepared for his visit to us in April. March 9 St. Meinrad Day of Service will be held in Dayton. We aren’t aware of anyone from our chapter attending.

New Business
Mark Millaron reported that he has been working with Nick Dellecave to update our chapter website (www.cincinnatichapter.org). Mark stated that he will continue to use the same hosting site this year, but may explore the use of a different hosting site in the future. We received an email from Janis Dopp about the Cause for Canonization for Dorothy Day going forward. Since she was a Benedictine Oblate, it has seemed appropriate for oblates to help with this project. The work being asked of each volunteer involves transcribing 10 pages of Dorothy Day’s diary. Pat Dorn will send out the information about the project to chapter members. Volunteers should let Pat know. She will send the names to Janis, who would like to keep a list of oblates participating. Peyton Reed gave more information about the Veterans’ Honor Flight one-day trip to Washington, DC. The trip is to visit the various war memorials. Peyton will be attending the April 17 (Wednesday of Holy Week) flight, and will be able to tell us about it at the April meeting.

 Fr. Joseph Cox – Accountability - Brief Summary of Important Points Fr. Joseph’s talk was based on The Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue vv 45-47, as well as RB chapters 44- 46. “A little strictness may be necessary in order to amend faults and safeguard love.” (Prologue 47) He explained that “faults” involve those in church, at work, or in the house; they are not deliberate or sinful, but recognize the interdependence of community members. And love is the basis for amending them. Humility is about truth: “It was my fault, and I’d like to admit it to others”. Self-admittance is better than someone else telling. The virtue of humility is the object, but also relationships. Amending faults is based on the Latin for “amend”, to cut the lie out of one’s behavior, slaying the shame, admitting one isn’t perfect. Without recognition of our inadequacies, we delay our progress toward humility. Personal accountability brings a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. In order to amend faults, we first need to know what they are. We discover them from listening to Scripture, Church teaching, family and friends. The sequence is: Recognize, Admit, Repair. After his talk, he passed out a small card to each of us with the Prologue quote: “A little strictness may be necessary in order to amend faults and safeguard love”.

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