Monday, October 28, 2019

September 2019 Minutes

Prayer: Brother Francis offered the opening prayer

Introductions of attendees:
Brother Francis Wagner, OSB, John Rasche, Kathy Gloeckner, Clyde Dorn, Mary Louise Reed, Peyton Reed, Margaret Sherlock, Pat Dorn, Joan Hilton

We read the Mission Statement together, then prayed Vespers.

We learned that Fr. Sebastian Leonard died yesterday (9/21/19). There was discussion, remembering various monks. Br. Francis reported that Fr. Meinrad is doing well.

Lectio: not today’s reading, but Luke 7:11-17, Jesus’ raising of the widow’s son in Nain, in honor of Br. Francis’ theme of “Wake Up”.

Minutes – approved as submitted. Mary Louise Reed is resigning from taking minutes due to Peyton’s and her impending move to a retirement community. Mark Milliron has agreed to take minutes after today.

Treasurer’s report: We have $534 as of 4/28/19. From September, 2018 to April, 2019 we took in less than we spent; the deficit will catch up with us. However, we were reminded that some of the expenses were for the reservation of the Holy Spirit Center for the May, 2020 Day of Recollection. Our biggest expenses are for the travel/honorarium for visiting monks. A donation (suggested $5 or more) from each member attending is requested. Any donations to our chapter can be paid by check, made out to our treasurer, Nick McCarroll. His address is: 3685 Bass Rd., Williamsburg, OH 45176

Next Meetings: Suggestions for TBA meetings were discussed

·       Margaret Sherlock has gathered a list of questions to consider on the theme of vigilance.
·       Br. Francis will have some handouts for us regarding his talk today on this year’s theme. He will send copies to Pat to send to everyone.
·       We want to be sharing our wisdom/insights as well as stories of how they have affected our lives.

Ron reported that Chapter Leaders met at St. Meinrad in June regarding recruitment – gaining and retaining new members.

The question was raised about how we include prayer intentions for oblates beyond a prayer at a meeting. Pat reported that she sends out prayer requests whenever she receives them; they can be anonymous if requested.

Highlights of Br. Francis’ talk,” Wake Up, The Benedictine Oblates Call to Vigilance” Today is Part I, the other parts will be conferences at the Day of Recollection, May 16, at the Holy Spirit Center in Cincinnati. One of the conference periods will involve us and our responses to the handouts we receive.
·       Today’s world requires us to be vigilant; but that can be taken too far. Inordinate fear of bodily harm is the Devil’s tack
·       Eager alertness (“good zeal”) is important for our spiritual life
·       Wake up and walk in the light of Christ
·       Be ready for when Jesus returns
·       Jesus prayed at night; our reason to pursue vigilance. Soldiers on night watch, or third shift security guards, monks with night vigils, night nurses, are examples of how people sacrifice themselves to watch over others in need
·       All this involves great struggle
·       Satan has many tactics to distract us and lead us away from God’s will
·       Jesus, awake in Gethsemane, is our example. Jesus, praying, was awake when the soldiers came for him
·       Oblates are called to vigilance even more than other Christians, becoming watchful at every minute of the day.
·       Benedictines are not called to their works, principally, but to conversion of our own hearts.
Vigilance - Considerations
1.     Vigilance is complicated. Grace and nature cooperate It’s understood as baptismal spirituality
Ephesians 5:8 calls us to” live as children of light” Baptism is a grace, but we have to work it out in response
2.     Baptismal faith must be rooted in prayer. RB Prologue 4 says that every work should begin with prayer
We should be speaking less, and engaging in prayerful reflection more
Be more attentive to conscience messages - compunction, piercing of the heart, calls to interior conversion
Turn the volume down on other voices/noise
There are two handouts to consider. Be ready to discuss them in May at the Day of Recollection
1.     Michael Casey – part of his book on RB chapter 4
2.     Paula Huston - her experience in a mid-life conversion; the relation to vigilance is not immediately obvious

There was further discussion of examples of vigilance. Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ”, especially the Gethsemane scene; vigilance as prayer in the night when we awake; and journaling, though that can be dumping

Closing Prayer: a prayer of St. Francis de Sales, lead by Br. Francis de Sales Wagner, OSB. Pat will send a copy with the October newsletter.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Louise Reed

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